This blog serves to provide the list of all the rules that apply to both this wiki and, for the most part, every other wiki that is a part of wikia. Every wiki contributor that joins this wiki is expected to respect and follow these rules. If these rules are broken, a warning shall be delivered, and if the same type of behavior continues, the contributor shall be banned, the length of his or her ban depending on what they did to earn the ban.

  • Before any contributor on this wiki, whether they are new or have been on before, can begin to create their own story they must get the permission of the founder, the reason for this is to make sure the founder can keep every story posted to this wiki related and controlled, rather than random and out of place.
  • All stories posted on this wiki must be related to the Star Wars Universe. While the founder of the wiki has no problems with other types of stories, the wiki is primarily designed for Star Wars and there is no place for any other type of story.
  • Only the founder of this wiki is allowed to edit the pages of this wiki that fall outside outside of the story pages, these including the Characters, Planets, Technology, etc pages. While any contributor who does edit any page outside of their story won't be punished, the edit will be undone so the founder of this wiki can do it himself. This is to keep things organized.
  • No vandalism on any page whatsoever, including your own pages. Even if you only mean the vandalising edit to be a joke to whoever you are doing it too, it counts as disrespect to the other contributor and will lead you to be punished.
  • No contributor is allowed to edit/change/remove any parts of another contributor's story due to, while the wiki is made for a community of people to come together and create their own Star Wars Saga, the founder not wanting any complications between contributors. It is also not recommended that any two or more contributors work together on one story, however if the users are sure there would be no hostility between them if the story goes wrong, it is allowed.
  • No hostility between contributors, no matter the cause. This wiki serves to be a fun and calm place for a community of people to gather together and write about one of their most favorite things of all time. Not too cause disruption in the peace with arguments and other types of hostility. On top of this, if someone is being hostile towards you, do not respond with violence in return, simply leave a message to the founder and punishment shall be dealt out.

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