Biographical Information
Homeworld : Naboo
Born : 3231 LY
Age : 14
Died : N/A
Physical Information
Species : Human
Gender : Male
Height : 1.65 Meters
Hair Color : Black
Eye Color : Hazel
Skin Color : Tanned
Miscellaneous Information
Era(s) : Rise Of The Empire
Family : Raymus (Brother)
Marital Status : Single
Occupation : Naboo Security Recruit
Affiliation(s) : Naboo Royal Family
Naboo Security Force
Star Wars Saga

Kylo Antilles was a human male who served as a recruit in the Royal Naboo security force and was a close friend of Padme Amidala, a woman he had been friends with since they were children. At an early age, Kylo lost his parents to an unfortunate event which would then lead to Kylo being raised by his older brother, Raymus Antilles. During his childhood, due to his parents previous connection to the royal family, Kylo had become close friends to Padme who he looked up too as a role model and was the cause for him to apply to the Royal Naboo Security Force once his friend became the Queen, promising himself that he wouldn't let anything happen to her.


Pre-Invasion Life (3231 - 3245)

The human male was born on the beautiful planet of Naboo, fourteen years before its invasion from the separatists. His family wasn't anything special and the same was for Kylo himself, the only notable thing about them was the fact they were close friends of the Royal family. However, when Kylo was still young, his parents would end up dead in a tragic assassination attempt on the Royal family, his parents paying the cost with their lives. This event would lead to Kylo being fully raised by his older brother, Raymus Antilles, while his close friend at the time, Padme, helped him through the process of having lost his family.

As time went on and Padme was raised to become the Queen of Naboo, Kylo decided he wanted to join the Royal Naboo security force, both to protect his close friend and to also honor his deceased parents, so when he reached the correct age, Kylo applied to the academy and trained under Quarsh Panaka, a role model soldier for Kylo, and quickly become the best in the academy. Unfortunately for Kylo he was unable to spend much time with his close friend, Padme, much more after her rise to Queen and with his brother, Raymus, having left the planet to live his own life, Kylo was left to move through his teenage life on his own which, as time went on, seemed to be easier than Kylo had originally thought it would be.



The name for this character was created through two different ways. The first name of Kylo was decided when a search result revealed that Kylo was one of the most "Star Wars inspired" names for parents to name their children while the last name of Antilles was decided upon as it was one of the most common last names in the Star Wars universe.

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